Creative Writing: The Worn Boy

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"With each cut, the stream of their open wounds could only wish for the warmth their cold, ill beating heart desired."


Seven months earlier

Glancing around nothing in particular catches the worn boy 's eyes, only the hollow trees, newly sprouting April blooms, and an open road lay around, "Is anyone out there?" He tentatively asks, receiving no response, other than the sudden stopping of the heavy rain that was pouring down on him moments before.

It seems as if only seconds had passed before he hears weak coughing in the short distance through the dense forest. He scrambles up quickly and walks toward the sound.

He 's met with dewy leaves and broken twigs, "Hello?" He calls out, again. With only his broken down Jeep and
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A choked sound escapes him as he realizes the lone thigh would be attached to a body, he ignores the operators distant voice and brushes the leaves off the bloody and rumpled up man.

"Are you okay, mister?" The boy questions, and closes his eyes internally groaning, well, of course he isn 't okay, dumbass. Although, the boy pokes at the unconscious man 's face a few times, he doesn 't let out the slightest twitch.

Also, with the thought of checking his pulse in mind, the boy looks for it and a surprised expression takes over his features as he finds the steady but, faint heart beat.

He was confused, due to the fact that the man 's neck was ice cold, and he had to of been lying here for hours and in the chilled rain from not too long ago. From the looks of it days must have passed as well, since the man is starting to smell, but theost shocking part is thick, warm blood seeps out of a deep wound on his leg, that the boy hadn 't noticed
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He takes off his somewhat dirty flannel to cut off the circulation of the thick cut on his thigh, hoping it would be enough for right now.

"Are you hurt? Do you know where you are?" The operator 's slightly concerned voice peppers through when he makes a sound to indicate he was still there.

"I 'm fine, I just found an unconscious and bleeding man under some leaves. I 'm not sure, I 'm not from around here, just visiting my sick grand-" He clears his throat, "We are somewhere past the National Park on the north side of the mountains." He rubs his neck awkwardly.

On the plus side, the operator makes no indication to his awkwardness, "The GPS connected to your phone might help us. Just, hang on tight and keep an eye on that man, I just dispatched a ranger to your location. They should be there shortly."

"Alright." He says, with relief clearly heard in his voice. Nevertheless, a ranger comes, and with only minimal bruising and a long butterfly bandage to his brow.

The boy happily gets on with his life after this tiny, little adventure. In all the chaos of the rangers coming, the boy slowly forgets about the man he most likely saved, as the said man slips deeper into a coma on his way to the nearest
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