A Zombie Virus: A Short Story

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At the turn of the 26th century, a zombie virus was created, and NYC was bombed because of the zombie invasion. All citizens had to live in “protected” zones. Timmy is a 13-year-old boy who is outspoken, loving, and brave. Timmy and his best friend of 7 years, Butters, were on their way back to zone 13. Butters tripped, and Timmy quickly ran to help his best bud. When Butters stood up, he noticed a shiny metal sticking up from the dirt. The two teen boys began to dig up the dirt and uncovered a time capsule. The quickly opened it. Inside this time capsule were maps, letters, documents, video games, a laptop, DVD’s, and CD files. Timmy and Butters both began smiling. Timmy wondered if this could be the answer to their prayers. Timmy and Butters hid the time capsule in a brush pile behind the building near zone7, out of fear that an adult might find it and they would lose the chance to see if it could help find a better place to live. Once the teens arrived back in zone 13, Timmy was thinking of Mr. Chef again. Mr. Chef was an intelligent and gentle man who truly cared about Timmy. Timmy walked over to the window and reflected on his surroundings. He had always hated the crowded “zone-life”, the…show more content…
Timmy gazed with affection and said, in a soft tone, “Its okay little buddy, I’m here and you are safe.” Butters looked up and still shaken said, “Timmy, I have an idea that may help us find a new place to live.” Timmy stuttered, “The sa-sa secret?” They looked at each other with worried glares over their faces. Timmy’s trust with the adults has diminished since the loss of his sister. After a fight broke out 7 months ago, zombies were attracted to the noise and broke through the fences. Timmy lost his sister that day along with 24 others. Just then, Mr. Chef walked past the front door. Butters said, “We should at least talk to Mr. Chef, I don’t think he would tell anyone if we asked
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