Creative Writing: Themes Of Indian English Literature

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ABSTRACT Indian English literature, quite understandably spurs attention from every quarter of the country making the genre admired in its own right. Creative writing in English is looked at as an integral part of literary traditions in the Indian perspective of honest enterprise to demonstrate the ever rare gems of Indian writing in English. Style of Indian English literature “stylistic influence” from the local languages appears to be an exceptional feature of much of the Indian literature in English. Ambition makes life challenging and challenges make life interesting. Ambition is the strong desire to achieve something in life. Many of Indian English writer’s emphasis on the importance of individual freedom. Chetan Bhagat’s one of the Indian writers of 21st century and he had presented his make protagonist facing the problem of existence and leading the problem to successful his life. Chetan Bhagat’s project an “apparent in the Indian youth education system. Its story concerned with a love, triangle corruption and ambitious or a journey of self-discovery. He had explored this novel at closed intimate friends and good father, son relationship. Chetan Bhagat’s introduced this novel “a male” protagonist. Author had carved a niche by explored the setting emerging through “a special connection to the city”. He further stated that it is one of our oldest cities and people there now have modern aspiration. Chetan bhagat present the life style on Indian students and
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