Creative Writing: Unicorn Community School

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There was a unicorn who name was Lilly she was turning 16 years old. Lilly is the most popular

girl in her whole high school. They call it unicorn community schools. There is going to be a lot

of sparkles and colorful chairs at her party. They will want to throw up colorful throw up because

it’s so amazing. They will play unicorn fluffy pineapple. Her cake will be full of rainbows,

sprinkles, and popcorn. Her friends are arriving the party is about to start.

“Hello parties in the back,” her mother told her friends. Lilly came out with a big colorful dress

on. When she came out she ran to her friends. She had a big table with a lot of gifts on it. The big

table was filled up will presents. It was a mix of her gifts from her parents and gifts from her friends.
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She was by her boyfriend the whole time he is a football player.

They play by putting the ball in their mouth then run to the side it’s hard to throw it. Lilly

took a seat for a little while. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Lilly, happy birthday to you!”

Everyone sang together as the cake was getting carried outside. After eating some cake, she

started to open her gifts.She got dresses, an iPhone 7s, and a new pink car. Later that night she

was saying see you at school to her friends. After everyone was gone she fell onto her

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