Creative Writing: Wayfarer

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Luke let a huff, mostly out of frustration, which escaped his lips. He and Wayfarer had been traveling for what seemed and felt like almost hours and now they 'd found themselves in a very, dark and rather scary looking place. He 'd watched as the countryside scenery around them suddenly changed. Morphing into much deeper, darker, shaded wood ones. Where the tree 's nearly almost had no leaves covering their, thin scraggly branches. Each of them he discovered looked like twisted and grotesque fingers. The once bright blue sunny sky above them had suddenly turned dark, and quite dusky, while the air around them was strangely quiet. It hung with a very unnerving and uneasy silence. The darkness had formed into a thick mist, that seemed to…show more content…
"Come on old friend, it 's a little shortcut," Luke said, gesturing towards the map. "We 'll be there in no time." Wayfarer 's nostrils flared, as he led out an irritated snort, but did as the man ordered, and warily began down the desolate, eerie path. They continued down the darkened dirt path, Wayfarer 's large brown eyes glanced up through the thin scraggly bare tree branches. A bright full moon was shining down on them illuminating the road, a slightly cold breeze blew by, rustling up a few leaves from the ground right into the air. The tall, dark forest loomed in the distance, it was then a shadow passed over the right side of the road, moving quickly. An eerie, strange sound began emanating from the dark tree 's. Out of the corner of his eye, Wayfarer spotted a dark shadow suddenly run by them. All he saw was a flash of black and grey. The large horse immediately halted, stopping dead in his tracks, a low whinnied escaped his lips as he slowly began inching backwards. "Ugh, this isn 't right at all. Where in the world have we ended up Wayfarer?" Holding the map closer to his face, Luke 's eyebrow furrowed in pure disappointment. "We 'd better turn around..." The dark-haired horse eagerly began backing up, moving slowly, but his movements were held by the old, rusty wagon he 'd been attached too. The cart 's wheels squeaked, as they continued backing up, before accidentally slamming right
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