Creative Writing: Who Eated Pizza And Ranch?

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Who eats Pizza and Ranch?

When Jenna and I walked into her kitchen on a Saturday afternoon, the pizza that Craig had just cooked was already cut into pieces and waiting for us to devour. Just then Jenna turned and looked at me and with a serious voice she said, “Megan will you grab the ranch out of the fridge?” I’m not sure what was more alarming, the look on my face or the fact that she had just asked me for ranch while we were going to eat pizza.
I turned around anyways to reach for the fridge and with a puzzled look I exclaimed, “Why on earth do you want ranch, we’re eating pizza and nothing else?” Jenna just looked at me and laughed as she took the ranch from my hand and began to unscrew the top.
I had no idea what to think at this point
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You will think it is amazing!” A little bit timid, but willing to try it I grabbed a piece of pizza from my plate and dipped the smallest corner into the pool of ranch now spread across a lot of her plate.
With another chuckle Jenna looked at me and said, “Well you’re going to need more ranch if you want to even taste it.” So once again, I took my slice of pizza and dipped a little bit more into the pool of ranch on her plate and began chewing. Craig and Jenna both watched waiting to hear my response as I was working on getting my food down. I took that last swallow and said what I never would have thought I would be saying, “Wow that actually tasted really good. A little weird but definitely good.”
From that Saturday afternoon when my jaw just about hit the floor, to this day, I still grab the ranch bottle when Pizza is on the menu. I follow the same steps as Jenna; pour that little pool of ranch on the side of my plate and dip a corner in before taking a bite. Although I was a bit confused and a little disgusted right away, I learned that ranch and pizza tasted like nothing I had ever tasted. In a good way, that is. This experience taught me that although something may not look good on the outside, it might be one of the best things on the
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