Creative Writing: Wish You Were Here

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One day my father was here and; then, the next day he left, and it hurts. That’s the pitfall of sudden loss. You lack time to prepare for the pain. Suddenly, my mind takes me back to August 22nd, 1994. The day seemed promising here in St, Louis, Missouri. As I drove through the suburbs of St. Louis, not a cloud crossed the horizon, not a drop of rain or distant thunder made itself known. All of a sudden my cell phone rings! I remember the call so vividly, and it haunts me. The call ended. Your heart, it must have hurt to such an extent that it stopped. The sky was full of sunshine one minute, while flooding the next. With no preparation, the world leaves you in shock and panic. So, I parked the car and I sat in the unknown, and I shook as my hands turned the radio on. How ironic would it be that “Wish you Were Here” by Pink Floyd starts playing? Then, the song comes to an end and somehow you muddle through the years wondering if the pain will ever resolve. Numbness becomes addicting, but no matter how much greater numbness feels than pain, it will destroy you. It’s manipulative in a way, you feel pain, it destroys you and it drives you to find an escape. Trying to survive, you find that fix, and it numbs you. While you disbelieve that the drink will worsen the pain seeing that it dulls it, the drink grabs your heart and steadies its pace, the pace becomes so slow you feel numb. Unaware of knowing it destroys you, since it blocks all senses, your will to survive is disabled.

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