Creativity And Innovation

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New technologies, opportunities and threats force organisations to implement the new models that are competitive and can help survive in this changing business environment. Organisations and individuals need to embrace the change initiatives programs that ensure the long-term success of the organisation. This report will discuss the statement “There are myths surrounding creativity. The intangible nature of creativity does not lend itself to easy definition”; this statement will be analysed with the help of examples and by discussing the theories and models of creativity, innovation and change. In conclusion, this report will recommend the successful implementation strategies for implementing the change for which an organisation must acknowledge…show more content…
However, innovation is defines as the act of creative thinking. Innovation is defined as the development or creation of new idea taking from the mind, defining ways to transform it to physical form. Innovation can be used in different ways; it can be used to upgrade a system or a process and coming up with new idea which will bring in the form of all together. Innovation is a thorough process which generates new ways for effective business practices. Creativity and innovation increase the performance and productivity of business as well as help business leaders to managers and drive their business towards success (Adams, 2001, p. 1).Creativity and innovation comes in the form of technological advancement or a change in business process which can bring advantages to the firm and help them in managing risk through effective systems.

Myths of Creativity
Businesses grow by implementing creative ideas; the central role is played by business creativity which serves for business survival and growth (Bennis, 1997, p. 1). The main role played by creativity in IBM survey evaluate that more than 1500 chief executive officer from almost 60 above countries reported that the complexity increasing in today’s world requires creativity. Different myths about creativity are defined as below:
• Money Works As Creativity Motivator
An experimental research done on creativity suggested
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Most companies are finding ways to adapt innovative strategies because it acts as a form of investment. Companies are competing and finding ways to meet the customer’s demands. Most of the competitors are expanding their operations globally which allow organisations to adapt the innovative and creative strategies (Henry, 2006, p. 1). To become successful in implementing the innovative and creative strategies, organisations adapt different theories and models of creativity, innovation and change. For example, PNG, company embrace innovation and creativity by emphasising on their employees to adapt the change and by providing them with up-to-date information to implement the change successfully.
Today’s competitive business environment requires maximum creativity for organisational success. International rivalry, technological complexities and the flow of rapid information demands a new level of organisational innovation. Rapid changes flying toward managers and workers require self-management skills for coping and creativity. Different theories and models are developed by the scholars and practitioners because these theories and models boost the prevalence and the usage of innovation, creativity and

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