Difference Between Creativity And Innovation

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Creativity and Innovation Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Robert Musil in his novel, Man without Qualities, he dreads the day in which racing horse is deemed gifted. Most of the best sports personalities and musicians are called talent, legendary or talented. The misuse of terminology is already being witnessed with creativity. Same extends to the use of the term innovation. What exactly do these two commonly used words mean? In reality, the definition of the two terms varies in scope and fields of reference. For instance, in the organization, innovation means the spark that makes companies great. It stretched beyond invention to the style of the corporate behavior, ability to implement new concepts and take risks. Anderson Joseph in his definition of creativity is nothing above going beyond the current confines whether it is in the academic, social norms, technology, or values (Joseph, 1992). In his view, creativity is nothing more than identifying and working with new relation to bringing them to life. With all these definitions, one can contend with the definition of innovation as using creativity for value addition. In essence, creativity and innovation are complementary. Key theories and findings of creativity and innovation research In fusing creativity into education and management, theoretical…show more content…
Over the past decade, creativity and innovation are core skills that helped developed economies achieve her success. The need for creative problem-solving skills is more needed for better management and profitability of entities. Creativity and innovation form basic success unit and perquisite measure of having a progressive world. Though it is applicable in all spheres of the world, this bit of the paper shall pay focus on how studying innovation and creativity can create business
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