Creativity In Public Administration

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2. The nature of creativity and innovation in public administration
2.1. Characteristics of creativity and innovation
It can be seen that many aspect of people’s daily life nowadays is influenced from public sector. It provides a system of public institutions including political institutions and structures. These institutions have function of determining and implementing laws and providing elementary public and social services such as welfare, education and health. If the above has provided an overview of the two concepts of “creativity” and “innovation”, the focus in this section will clarify the definition of them in public administration.
Firstly, according to Dimock (1986), perhaps creativity is the most important concept in public administration. Creativity plays a role as a symbol of leadership and the central element in public administration. In a study published in Sage publication, they found that in the future public and private enterprises will have to keep the pace with the complex global society which operates as an interconnected system. To cope with this issue, leaders need to have creativity. Creativity is described as the ability to have other look at old problems and to find new ways of thinking and acting. In public administration, creativity is very important because it helps individuals as well as organizations to react the new challenges and opportunities to develop positively. In creative process, individuals or organizations are free to think and act

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