Importance Of Motor Skill Development Analysis Essay

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The observations of parents form significant part of the evaluation of the doctor, as they make use of their input as the means of further investigation. The clinicians analyses the weight, height, reflex and other age appropriate behaviour of the child in order to diagnose the problem. The doctor creates link between the parents observational and clinical observation in order to reach on conclusion (Parkes, et al., 2008). Motor skill development analysis is important because the main reason behind cerebral palsy is either brain malformation or brain injury that takes place during birth, fetal development or after birth. The damage occurs in different parts of the brain due to which the motor control is affected extensively. Therefore, motor skill development analysis is used at different intervals so that key developmental milestones are determined. Delay in motor development is the key indicator in the case of cerebral palsy. The paediatrician analyses posture, muscle tone, reflex irregularly, balance, movement control, and coordination and others (Krägeloh-Mann & Cans, 2009). Cerebral palsy is regarded as the lifetime disease that cannot be cured…show more content…
Providing proper care to Daisy is the need of nursing as it helps in analysing the management. There are different factors that influence nursing care management, which includes healthcare system, finance, and others. It is noticed that Daisy needs special attention as she is suffering from various disabilities due to cerebral palsy. With the help of healthcare system, the care management can be influenced in the manner that treatment of Daisy would become more effective. Moreover, due to effective healthcare system, Daisy would get effective treatment as latest techniques and equipment would be used. Hence, her care management would become more efficient (Hemsley, et al.,
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