Credentialism In A Boat Essay

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a)We don't know who invented the boat. We do know, however, that almost as long as man has been civilized, he has been a sailor. The world's first boat was most likely a log used to carry the world's first sailor across a river.
b)we dont know.
c)The goal is to have fun and enjoy the outdoors.
d)certification is a voluntary credential for recreational boating professionals being developed by NASBLA. The credential is broad-based and addresses boating professionals’ knowledge, performance and career achievements in the identified program domains and encompasses the boating program. Individuals who wish to pursue the credential must meet program eligibility requirements and pass various examinations and evaluation processes.
e)1. Check weather
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Monitor VHF radio Channel 16 for emergency traffic
•Be prepared to lend assistance if you are the nearest vessel

6. Know the waters in which you are navigating
•Refer to local charts
•Stay within marked channels
•Be conscious of tides and currents

When you return to the dock


Evergreen Pacific Logbook

1. Boat is moored correctly with bow, stern, spring lines and fenders
•Snubbers, if used, are in place
•Lines are protected from chafe

2. Pump holding tank. Add holding tank treatment

3. Main battery switch is off
•Always-on loads (bilge pump, clocks) are on

4. Shore power cable is attached and protected from chafe
•Battery charger is on; inverter may need to be turned off

5. Logbook has been filled out, signed, and dated

6. Close float plan by calling person whom you originally contacted.

This checklist was created by West Marine as a public service. We practice and encourage safe boating and seamanship.
f)You do not need any training for this activity.
g)you have to pay for the saftey equipment and gas for the boat which isn't much.
h)I like to fish and go fast, plus i enjoy being with friends and family on thewater.
I)i don't have any limitations.
j)I hope to gain knowledge and skills so i can do it with my
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