Creed: A Brief Analysis Of Apollo Creed

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Creed is a spin-off from the ever popular Rocky series. The movie was an underdog trying to punch its way to greatness and would always have the shadow of the great legacy. Creed opened in cinemas 40 years to the day after Rocky released in theatres and gave us the greatest underdog movie of all time. The movie lives up to its rich legacy of its predecessors as it ploughs its own path to greatness. Do not get blindsided by the name, the latest entrant in the franchise is for all intents and purposes, Rocky VII. Ryan Coogler has created a rousingly emotional film which is the best since the original Rocky of 1976. Michael B. Jordan plays Adonis Johnson, Rocky's greatest rival and best friend, Apollo Creed's son born out of wedlock. Adonis is…show more content…
The Rocky series has tried had to hit but more than that with this latest addition to the series it has shown that it can get hit hard and keep moving forward. The movie hits all the right beats and Coogler's deftly guides it through the expected cliched story arcs yet it feels refreshingly new. The 29 yr old director keeps the film rolling with the energy of a train muscling its way through the beats and cliches only to come out smarter than it entered. Ryan Coogler and co-writer Aaron Covington have brought a tale which is as old school as it can get yet refreshing new. The streets of Philly are beautifully captured by Maryse Alberti at times feeling as if you can smell it. A few iconic moments are always associated with the series and through the movie I was waiting for the moment when Adonis Creed would step up the almost hallowed stairs of Philadelphia Museum of Art and when he does with Rocky Balbao in tow it is hard to not get teary eyed. The music of this film had a tough act to follow as well but is splendidly composed balancing the new score with the old as well as giving enough space for the iconic Eye of the Tiger. The reverence the crew and artist have for the original movie is hard to miss none the more evident when Creed goes around catching
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