Creepypaste Monologue

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Hello...My names Yui! And this is my story to you on how I became a...what you people call Creepypasta!...

I was in my room I looked over at my clock, it was exactly 11:42 pm. I stayed up wondering what would the bullies do tomorrow, I was 16 and still being bullied. I was bullied all my life actually, even by my own father! My mother always stood up for me against him and she always told me.
"Yui you have to believe in yourself you can 't just give up!"
She understood me and always helped me when I needed it. Well when I was about 8 she died, she was raped and murdered, the judge let them live, only putting them in prison for 5 years. They were now out and living their stupid lives.
My father got worse... He would always bring me down. After

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