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I believe that I am deserving of this scholarship due to my financial status and my unique experiences that have shaped me into a strong, adaptable individual. Currently, I live in a household of five members, including myself. My family lives off one income as my mother is a homeschool teacher and my father works as a civil engineer. Prior to moving to Fort Collins at the beginning of my sophomore year, my father was laid off from his job and was unemployed for a year. As a result, we are still recovering financially from the event. Furthermore, I will be attending Creighton University this upcoming fall, which is a private out-of-state college. When I start my education at Creighton, two of my other siblings will also be attending college. Recently, I had to make additional purchases for Creighton, such as for a Mac Pro lap top because it was highly recommended for my major. In addition, the cost of transportation will be higher for me since Creighton is located far from my parent’s home, located in Fort Collins. On top of these additional costs, I am struggling to pay for my room and board, tuition, and living expenses. Therefore, receiving this scholarship would help me tremendously in…show more content…
Pricking people’s fingers, calculating various components of blood, calculating BMI of patients, observing cholesterol screenings, creating healthy snacks for patients, and conducting research on cardiovascular health were part of my amazing experience as an intern. During this experience, I developed exceptional communication and leadership skills as well as a sense of professionalism in the workplace. Due to my comprehensive knowledge within my field of interest, I am more than confident I will be successful in my future academic

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