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Crenshanda Williams, a Houston Texas police phone operator is being charged for allegedly hanging up on multiple emergency calls. She was caught saying "Ain 't nobody got time for this. For real," after she hung up on one of the calls. She told police that the reason on why she hung up on those calls was due to her not wanting to talk to anyone at that time. The way they had figured out that she had been hanging up so many calls was by her supervisors become curious of her when they noticed that she had so many calls that were lasting only under 20 seconds. Eventually they came across one of the recordings of her call, and they were shocked to find out that she hung up on the caller. In the end, Crenshanda was charged for interference with…show more content…
This is ridiculous to me because so many could be affected horribly by ignoring their needs. On one account of Cresnhanda hanging up was done to a man by the name of Hua Li. In his case, he had entered a store that was being robbed, and needed help. Crenshanda eventually hung up on him while he was trying to explain what was going on. Hua needed help, so he called three other times, and eventually he got a different operator. Police dispatchers are specifically trained to keep the caller on the phone, so they can keep the caller calm. They are also trained to figure out what is going on to dispatch the right amount/specific law enforcement officers. ( The schooling required to become a police dispatcher is to have a high school diploma, but many employers would rather you to have a background in criminal justice in addition. How we could avoid more cases like this from happening would be to figure out during the job interview if the person would be reliable during a call. That may not the fix all solution, so employers should keep a close eye on calls that are answered by the dispatchers, and listen through them on occasion to make sure they are doing their job

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