Creon A Tragic Hero In Antigone

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A tragic hero is defined as a man or woman of high standing and respect. A person who has many positive character or personality traits, but has one major character flaw. This flaw will ultimately be the downfall of the hero. They also have the ability to endure great suffering. Also the audience must relate to the character but also accept that their downfall was necessary. Antigone easily demonstrates all of these qualities through her short and tragic life. Antigone easily qualifies as a person of high standing. She is both daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta former king and queen of Thebes. Antigone is also niece to Creon, current king of Thebes. This lineage makes it clear she is a person of high standing in the Greek society. Antigone demonstrates the ability to endure great suffering through how she deals with Creon enduring his punishment for his crimes. Undergoing the prospect of her own death without letting the terror overcome and control her actions she continues with her…show more content…
Her stubbornness and disobedience brought about her death sentence. Her actions are intentional, and while quite possibly being the right thing to do, they bring about her eventual downfall and death in the cave. The audience definitely relates to her plight and love for her brother, and yet they can see the reason behind Creon’s proclamation of honoring the hero brother and not the one who betrayed his people. Thus you see her downfall as necessary since she broke her king’s trust and buried her brother. All of this makes Antigone a tragic hero as she demonstrates all the necessary characteristics of a tragic hero as demonstrated in the previous paragraphs. Through this proof it is certain she is a tragic hero through the many and often sorrowful events in her life. Antigone died a hero to her city, Thebes, as she sacrifices herself for what she believes is

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