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In the Greek tragic play, Antigone written by Sophocles, Creon, the king of Thebes is a very selfish, untrusting king. In the play, Creon orders that the body of Polynices shouldn’t be buried because he is a trader of Thebes. Though, many other people feel that Polyneices body should be buried. Creon would not take advice from anyone, and he believes his opinion is the only thing that matters. Creon is a misanthrope in the play, and as a consequence is not properly suited to be a good king of Thebes. In the beginning, Creon’s son, Haemon visits him to talk about the burial. His fiancé, Antigone was accused of burying Polynices, and was ordered to be sent away and locked in a cave where she could rot and think about what she did. Haemon argue with Creon for a long time, but Creon would not even listen to his own son about burying Polynices. Creon asked the Chorus,”Indeed! Am I to take lessons at my time of life from a fellow of his age?” Haemon replies,”No lesson you need to be ashamed of. It is not a question of age, but of right and wrong”(524). This shows how strong Haemon feels about the topic. Haemon feels that Antigone burying Polynices was the right thing do. Haemon is trying to defend Antigone, but he has no luck, and Creon still believes that Antigone should be…show more content…
Teiresias is a very well-respected guy in the Thebes and has been helping generations and generations of kings. He has never been proven wrong on a prophecy. Teiresias visits Creon to tell him about a prophecy saying that he should bury Polyneices and release Antigone or terrible things will happen to him. Teiresias says,”Must I reveal my yet unspoken mind?” Then, Creon says,”Reveal all; but expect no gain from it”(533). This explains how stubborn Creon is and that no matter what Teiresias says he will not change his opinion. Creon is to mistrusting to believe what Teiresias says, so Teiresias leaves without thinking

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