Creon Is The Protagonist In Antigone

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After reading the tragedy of Antigone by Sophocles, one is left to wonder who the protagonist of this play is. Is it Creon or is it Antigone? To answer this question, one must define what a protagonist is. By definition, a protagonist is a leading actor or a character. Creon fits this description because not only do his actions lead into the whole tragedy, but his character shows a great development and the values he teaches to the readers. When all these characteristics of Creon are put together one could undoubtedly say that Creon is the protagonist in this play. One characteristic of a protagonist that is found in Creon is his ability to start a cause and effect process. For example, when the play begins Creon is the King of Thebes and gives a speech to the people, “He who in his country’s cause fought gloriously and laid down his life shall be entombed and graced with every rite… The rest, I have proclaimed to be Thebes that non shall give him funeral honor” (Sophocles 9.194-205). Many say that this play occurred because of Antigone’s decision to bury Polyneices. However, if Creon did not make the decision of not giving Polyneices a proper burial, then the whole tragedy would not have occurred. There would be no consequences for the reason that the gods would be happy. In other words, one could say that Creon’s actions lead into this tragedy. Not only does Creon lead the way for this play, but he is able to make very important choices, giving him the title of a leading

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