The Role Of Creon In Antigone

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You’re the mighty King and someone dares to oppose you. Of course, you would not want that to occur, so you try to obstruct them from transgressing more edicts. Well, this is how Creon tries to prevent Antigone, which led him to his own defeat. Creon is the most tragic character in Antigone because of his actions. Antigone wishes to honor the Gods and bury Polyneices, but Creon has other thoughts. His unreasonable, prideful self, wanted the people of Thebes to hold him over the all-powerful Gods, which led to his downfall. He had devastated himself because he did not listen to his family and condemned Antigone to death. Creon has such arrogance that it ruins him and his family. His senseless judgments had him face life with this grief for not listening to his son, Haemon. Creon 's decisiveness had not only killed his niece Antigone, but also Haemon and Eurydice.…show more content…
If Creon had honored the Gods, he would have had a genuine life. "Since apparently the laws of the gods mean nothing to you.”(Prologue, line 60), Creon 's order was to hinder anyone from burying Polyneices, but because of that, he is breaking the God 's law. Creon thinks of himself as a King higher than the Gods. “Polyneices, I say, is to have no burial.”(Scene 1, line 39). Creon is placing his decree higher than the God’s because he knows that his city will try to act on their principal and listen to the God’s law. “But now at last our new king is coming: Creon of Thebes, Menoeceus son.”(Scene 1, line 1). If Creon had served the God’s law and had buried Polyneices, Creon would have lived a simple king life but because of his haughtiness, he stepped out of his limits and opposed the
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