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Tragic Hero Essay Tragic heroes are a character that makes a judgment error that inevitably leads to his/her own destruction. In the play Antigone, the main character Antigone marries her own brother Haimen, Oedipus kills his father and marries his mother, Creon stones his niece because she broke his law for burying Polyneices. Creon, in the play Antigone, is a tragic hero because he is was born into nobility, Doomed to make a serious error in judgement, and Realize they have made an irreversible mistake. In the play Antigone Born into nobility is the first of many characteristic of a tragic hero. Creon shows that he was born into nobility when he made his speech to the town of thebes. When Creon is speaking to the people, he says, “As the next in blood, have succeeded to the full power of the throne”. As the next king in line Creon has the power of the throne. Creon shows that he is born into nobility when chorus is telling him that he has the power over the people. The chorus is telling Creon, “If that is your will, creon son Menoikeus you have the right to enforce it: we are yours”. It means that he is the town's leader and he has the control over the people in the town of thebes. The…show more content…
Creon showed that he was doomed to make a serious error is in judgement is when he made bad decision as the king. Creon is telling the people of the town of thebes, “Polyneices, I say, is to have no burial”. It is wrong for not having a proper burial for his nephew. Creon showed that he was doomed to make a serious error in judgment when he thought he was the only one to have a voice. When Creon is talking about his new law is when he says, “My voice is the one voice giving orders in this city creon”. This is saying that his voice is the only voice of the city and no one else's voice is visible. The two statements show that creon was doomed to make a bad judgement when he started to become

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