Creon's Burial In Sophocles Antigone

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In Greek culture, it is a custom to bury the dead to please the gods. The Greeks also believed that when you don’t bury someone they will wonder the earth. Antigone wanted to give Polynecies a proper burial because it is right in the god’s eyes. She also wanted him to have an afterlife. She never lied to Creon when she was caught burying the body. Therefore, Antigone is correct when she disobeyed the law to bury her brother and then confessed to it. Antigone is correct in going against Creon’s law to please the god’s law. When Antigone tells Ismene about the new law, she tells her sister and ask for help. Ismene tells her that that she doesn’t want to go against the law that Creon because she does not want to die. Antigone then asks her does…show more content…
The sentry spotted Antigone trying to bury the body and brought her to the Creon. The sentry tells Creon she never denied about what she did when they were arresting her.”…She was not afraid, Not even when we charged her with what she had done. She denied nothing.” Antigone line 48 and 49 page 826. Creon then ask Antigone if she buried the body and Antigone did not lie and say she didn’t bury the body. Telling the truth is always a good thing because people show more respect to you when you tell what you did honestly. Therefore, Antigone is correct when telling the truth twice.
Greeks believed that if you do not bury the dead, the dead will not have an afterlife. Antigone wants to bury her brother so his body can have an afterlife.” Where Persephone welcomes the thin ghosts underground: And I shall see my father again, and you mother, and dearest Polynecies-…”. (Scene 4 line 65 and 67). “That washed him clean and poured the ritual wine:”. (Scene 4 line 66). These quotes are an example of Antigone burying her brother for a religious reasons. Therefore Antigone was correct in trying to send her brother into an
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