Creon's Courage In Antigone

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Courage is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery. In the Greek tragedy Antigone, continues to fight for her for her family’s name although it has been slandered because of mistakes her ancestors made in the past. When Creon creates a law that forbids anyone to her brother, Polynices, Antigone heroically attempts to save her brother’s honor her brother even though she knows the harsh consequences that may follow. Although Creon is always loyal to the state based on what he believes, Antigone’s courage to her family can't be matched by any other character. Antigone is the courageous character of this play because she would accept any consequences for her brother, she would die for him, and let her dream of being a mother and wife vanish. Even though Antigone’s brother committed a crime, he should still be buried like any other family member that committed a crime. The first thing Creon’s does in Antigone is declare a hash but understandable law. Anyone who attempts to honor Polyneices will be sentenced…show more content…
“My last sight of the sun, then never gain to the shore of the river underground. Not for me was the marriage hymn, nor will anyone start the song at a wedding of mine. A cheron is my bridegroom” (lines 806-815). Antigone imagens death as marriage. She thinks this because Creon makes Antigone marry Haemon, Creon’s brother but she refuses. She always thought of being a mother and a wife but she refuses to marry Haemon because it is something that Creon wants her to do. “One husband gone, i might have found another, or a child from a new man in the first child’s place; but with my parents covered up in death, no brother for me, ever, could be born” (lines 905-915). Like I said before she doesn’t care is she buried her brother or if there is such laws that tell her not too. But she gave up to be a mother or to have children for her
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