Creon's Idea Of Justice In Antigone

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1. In the play Antigone why is Ismene’s idea of justice (justice is obeying the laws of the land made by the king) wrong?

Ismene’s idea of justice is very wrong. In this particular story I would think that her idea of justice is wrong. In real life, I would say that we should obey the law of the land made by the King or President. But in The Antigone, Ismene's biggest fear is challenging King Creon and the laws of the state which prevents her from her sister's bold plan. Ismene’s states, “Now look at the two of us, left so alone…think what a death we’ll die, the worst of all if we violate the laws and override the fixed decree of the throne, its power – we must be sensible. Remember we are women, we’re not born to contend with men. Then too,
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In the play Antigone how is Creon’s idea of justice (“Might is right”)—the idea that the king is the ultimate authority on matters of justice and injustice-- proven wrong?

Creon’s idea of justice is just wrong. While being King in Thebes, Creon is a complete dictator over everything. He is a leader who classifies the power and dignity of the state completely by himself. Creon believes that the laws should be “man-made”. Antigone states that, “Such, I hear, is the martial law our good Creon lays down for you and me – yes, me, I tell you – and he’s coming her to alert the uniformed in no uncertain terms, and he won’t treat the matter lightly. Whoever disobeys in the least will die, his doom is sealed: stoning to death inside the city walls!” (Antigone, Sophocles 60). In this quote Antigone is discussing with Ismene that Creon has made a law that whoever buries Polynices will be stoned inside the city walls. This is wrong. Creon’s way of law is proven wrong, because when Polynices dies, he does not want to bury him, which leads to Antigone hanging herself, and many more who commit suicide because of his decisions. Instead of accepting kingship as a responsibility for the entire kingdom of Thebes, Creon creates big
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