Creon's Influence On Antigone

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In Sophocles’ drama Antigone, he develops his characters to convey that who they are influences what they do. Throughout Antigone, Sophocles reveals that Antigone is very devoted to her family and the rules of the gods. Polynices attacked Thebes because he wanted to take the throne away from his brother Eteocles, but the fight ended with their lives being taken by each other. Creon, now the king, declared an edict that stated that Eteocles’ body should be buried honorably, but that Polynices’ body should be left unburied on the plain in which he died. Antigone flouted Creon’s edict for she believed in the god’s rules, which declared that every person who dies, should be buried. She thought that Creon’s decree was insignificant. Antigone risked…show more content…
But, she is happy because she believes that her family will be there to “greet [her] gladly”. Antigone was very devoted to her family because she knew that the cost of being caught burying Polynices would be going to her “everlasting prion”. This reveals Antigone’s devotion that ultimately leads to her death. Furthermore, Antigone also spoke about her brother, Polynices. She continued her monologue and said “It was by this service to your dear body, Polynices / I earned the punishment which I now suffer / Though all good people know it was for your honour”(Antigone 17-19). Here, Antigone is saying that she earned her “punishment” by her “service to Polynices’ “dear body”. She is saying that she will die because of her actions, but that she did it for Polynices’ “honour”. Antigone is also saying that many people, not just her, would think that what she did was right because they also believe in the laws of the gods. Antigone portrayed her devotion to her family by declaring her acceptance of her punishment, which was caused by her honorable action of burying her brother. Antigone’s loyalty to the gods and her family, which is portrayed by her actions and words throughout Antigone, ultimately leads to her demise. Antigone hoped to atone for her family’s ignominy by flouting King Creon’s decree and burying her brother, Polynices. Standing up for what is just will not always lead to fame and
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