Creon's Role In The Transformation Of Antigone

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Throughout the beginning of the short story, Antigone shows herself as a stubborn intuitive person towards the separate characters. First, Antigone does not fear King Creon at any point; Antigone only worries about her brother Polyneices. Proud, and strong, Antigone says, “Creon is not strong enough to stand in my way”. (Sophocles, Act 1). Determination basically describes Antigone as she will not let Creon stand in her way as she will bury her brother, Polyneices, even if Creon tries to stop her from doing so. This head strong characteristic is key; which shows Antigone dramatic self in the play. Upset, and confused, Antigone stresses, “Ismene I am going to bury him, he is my brother”. (Sophocles, Act 1). Again, showing determination, Antigone

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