Creon's Speech To Antigone

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This passage from one of Creon’s speeches to Antigone in Jean Anouilh’s Antigone illustrates the views of people with power on people who don’t have power. When a person is given power, such as Creon they will tend to view people who don’t differently than ones who do. Creon also shows that he has preconceived views of Antigone, who he talks a lot about during this passage. After explaining the context of this passage , it will be analyzed by the following salient details: Jean Anouilh 's vision of the world, the character of Creon, the use of repetition, the conflict of Man versus Man. There will also be echos from things earlier in the play that will be discussed. Then ultimately conclusions on the passage will be drawn. This passage takes…show more content…
That is the theme of her being still very young, and child like. This can be seen many times throughout the play, and in this passage. Antigone gets compared to a “little sparrow” by Creon. Antigone constantly being compared to birds, and also to being child like. This goes heavily with the the theme of the passage,Antigone constantly gets compared to these things make her seem small and powerless. Creon seems to have many of these views on her throughout the passage. This can be seen in manys instances throughout this passage such as when Creon tells Antigone “Don’t forget it was I gave you your first doll, and not very long ago either”. Her Creon is basically telling Antigone how it was not very long ago that she was only a child. Children do not normally have a lot of power, and her Creon still sees Antigone as quite powerless Another example as to where this repeats is when Creon tells Antigone “Now go straight back to your room”. This is like when a child is told to go to their room by a parent. Creon here views Antigone as not having power, and believes that she will listen to him because of his power. The idea of how people with power view people who don’t have power, is very prolific with this repetition as seen with these two examples in the
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