Crested Crane And Dove Analysis

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With every story, poem, novel, speech, there is moral to each one. Whether the moral ending is good or bad, there always something to learn from them. In the two poems “Crested Crane and Dove” and “The Legend of Lake Ikimba”. There are two morals that tie with day to day life among us people. In the poem “Crested Crane and Dove” It has a male Bird married to a crested crane and a little grey dove. When Husband leaves to go seek fortune, the edible grasshoppers began to fall. The dove gets a basket and heads out to retrieve the grasshoppers for the husband. While the little dove is gathering the grasshoppers, the Crested Crane goes out into the field and east’s them instead of gathering them for the husband.
When the husband returns from his journey, he is expecting a cooked meal. Once the husband is in his home the two wives greet him and they prepare his meal, but when getting his food, the dove is the only one to bring out the basket of edible grasshoppers. After receiving the dove’s basket off food, the husband is expecting something from the
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In the poem it has two main charters an old woman and a bride. The old woman has got a jar and caught the Lake Ikimba in her jar, along with some fish in it. With the fish in her jar, she takes the fish out and uses the fish to feed her, the bride and her whole village. Once every is fed in the village the, bride ask the old woman may she take a couple of fish back to her mother. The old woman refused to give some to the bride so she can send to her mother. After being told no the Bride is angry by what the old woman told her. In her mind she wonders why the old woman wouldn’t let her send any to her mother. Still heated from the answer the bride waited for the old woman to leave, so she can reach into the old woman’s jar. To grab a couple of fish and give to her

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