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What Crew(s) are you interested in heading? I’m mainly interested in working with either lights, sound, or set since I have experience in those fields. And I very much liked working those positions previously.
Explain how you see the role of a Crew Head in the production of the show. To me, the people of the crew are the ones that make the show what it is. The actors are the ones that make us believe in the characters and the story, but the crew are the ones that make you believe in the world. The lights are able to set the mood and atmosphere, the costumes bring together the believability of the characters and the world, and the set creates the actual world. Each aspect of the crew contributes to making the show what it is, even more than it can be with just the actors.
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I see myself as a leader who is lenient, but can also take charge. In a work environment, it isn’t always best to take things seriously. Granted, in some cases things need to be taken seriously, but not to a point where the work isn’t somewhat enjoyable. It’s important to get things done and finish tasks that need to be finished, and as a leader I would need to teach others how to properly execute a task, but in a manner where I am not 100% stern while still doing what’s needed to be done. Also, in a situation when something doesn’t go as planned, I need to step up, take responsibility for my actions, and work my hardest to resolve the problem, without freaking out and giving up. As a leader, you need to lead by example.
Why do you want to be a Crew Head? Being part of the crew is a sort of satisfaction. It gives me a purpose and pushes me to do things I would’ve never done otherwise. it teaches me how to plan out and initiate an idea to make something wonderful. Working on crew previously had taught me responsibility and pushed me to work harder then I had ever worked before. It is really
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