Cricipus Attucks Research Paper

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Crispus Attucks Have you ever heard of Crispus Attucks? If not, I’ve got you covered. Crispus was born in the 1723’s in Framingham, MA. Crispus Attucks died on March 5, 1770. In this paper you will learn about Crispus Attucks’ childhood, how he impacted the world, and other interesting facts. In this paragraph you will learn about Crispus Attucks childhood and family was very important to his life you. First, Crispus was born a slave but then escaped from his master. After that, Crispus then ran away he spent the next two decades on a trading ship and whale vessels. Lastly, Crispus Attucks parents are Prince Yonger and Nancy Attucks. Crispus had a major impact on the world as they greatly influenced others. He died for people to have their own freedom. He was the 1st person to die in the American Revolutionary War. Crispus Attucks represented 5,000 African American Soldiers.…show more content…
here are some of them. First, Crispus Attucks face is on the silver dollar coin. Next, he was a tall man that was 6ft 2in tall. Lastly, parks, museums, and schools are named after Crispus Attucks. By researching and writing a biography on Crispus Attucks, I was able to expand my knowledge on how Crispus changed the world. In this paper I learned how Crispus Attucks’ childhood and how he made an impact on
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