Cricket's History

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Today cricket is the most popular sport in India, but its history tends to be over looked. By taking a look at its history one can find out the rich history of how cricket is deeply entangled with colonial politics. During colonial times, the idea that the White Man was superior to other races, in all aspects was a prominent one. Especially compared to these races that were being colonized, such as. Cricket, an English sport by origin, was introduced to India by the colonizers and it’s intent was to show the Indians that the British are more superior. It is important to study what role cricket played during colonial times because it provides an insight to how the most popular sport in India took off (Bromber, 2013). This research paper primarily…show more content…
In some parts of India, the British created in some parts in India Zamindars, which is a social class, that owns lands and collects revenues from it, an in other parts of India it strengthened the already existing traditional rulers and landed gentry (Khondker, 2008). As a result, an Indian leisurely class, that patronized cricket, was created as a side product of colonial requirements. In the past this Indian upper or leisurely class used to pass time with chess, dancing girls, music and other cultural activities. However, the Indian upper class grew an increasing interest in Cricket (Khondker, 2008). The British rulers in some cases sought to copy the local princes and kings, and in other cases such as this, the colonized Indian elites were desperate to imitate their English masters (Khondker,…show more content…
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