Cricket Vs Baseball

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Baseball vs. Cricket Although there are many similarities in the origins and the equipment used in baseball and cricket, there are extreme differences in the basic rules of the game. Many people may not know that baseball and cricket both originated in England. Cricket was always the favorite sport out of the two up until the American Civil War. This is when baseball took its turn from a popular British sport, to the “national pastime in America” (“What’s the difference” 6). When baseball was first introduced in America, it was called “Rounders”. In 1871, once baseball became more popular in America, the Professional Baseball League was born. The two leagues that were created, the National and American, were only allowed to play within…show more content…
There are many aspects of each game that are different. In a baseball game there are nine innings. In each inning, the team who is up to bat sends one player to hit. This player stays up to bat until they both hit the ball and get on base or they get struck out. Once the team that is up to bat has three of their players get struck out, the teams switch positions. The team that was just up to bat is now playing the outfield (“How baseball works” 1). The main goal of the outfielders is to catch the ball and get a plater out, or throw it back to a base in baseball or a wicket in cricket (“What’s the difference” 3). In cricket, the goal of the game is just like baseball: to get more runs than the opposing team. Unlike baseball, cricket only has two innings that do not have set limits on how long they can last. The only limit is that is cant last longer than 5 days (“Cricket Rules” 1). Both baseball and cricket play with the same idea. They have a pitcher, a batter, and outfielders. This is where the first difference comes into play. The number of players and how they can be substituted into the games are quite different from each other. Cricket has 11 players on the field, while baseball only has nine. In baseball, a player is allowed to be substituted out of the game with another player. In cricket however, there are no formal…show more content…
The basic equipment that one needs to play either sport are a ball, a bat, gloves, and any other protective gear one may need. The ball used in baseball can either be a sold cork or a rubber ball. Wrapped all the way around the ball is yarn. Then, a strong and durable material like cowhide is stitched into the yarn. A standard ball that is used in a game of baseball is nine inches around and weighs about five and a fourth ounces (Bosner 1). The ball used in cricket is similar to the baseball. It has leather wrapped around a cork ball with string stitched in. The standard size of a cricket ball is two hundred and twenty four millimeters around and weighs about one hundred and fifty six grams. The balls used in both games are usually white, except the traditional cricket ball is red (“An explanation of cricket” 1). The bat used in baseball can either be made of wood or metal, but the most commonly used bat is made from wood. The bat is two and three fourths inches in diameter and cannot be longer than forty two inches (Bosner 1). The bat used for cricket is a piece of willow with two different styled sides to it attached to a handle. Once side is flat, while the other side is curved (“An explanation of cricket” 1). This curved side allows the players to hit the ball harder and stronger. This bat, which is one hundred and eight millimeters in width and nine hundred and sixty
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