Crime In South Africa Essay

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When a citizen or a non-citizen of a certain country acts in a manner which is perceived as an offense of the state laws or performs an activity which is against a country’s written criminal law, such individuals are said to take illegal actions which is committing what is known as crime. Crime may be defined as an omission or action that constitutes a wrongdoing which according to the state law may be prosecuted or is punishable by law in diverse ways e.g. death or incarceration. Crime can also be defined as instance of negligence that is judged harmful to the public well-being or morals or to the state’s interests and that is prohibited legally. When an individual has committed a crime or has violated
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I therefore am performing this research to discover routes to be followed by South African citizens to prevent crime without any results of death or life risking, and to find out what is it exactly that give rise to the criminal activities within our country South Africa.

Research problem
Institute for security studies (ISS) researcher Chandre Gould had interviewed a number of men in the South African penitentiaries as an attempt to understand “the problem that I think bothers most of us”.
That problem being, what exactly is it that causes to commit crimes and turn to violence? It is known that crime cannot just fully depend on poverty, as conducted researches show that there are countries out there that are poorer than South Africa and do not experience the similar acute crimes epidemics as us.
In search of a better understanding, Gould’s research has seen her interview convicts who have been incarcerated for numerous or multiple criminal activities, at least one of which was naturally violent. ”from that, I have come to see more clearly the factors that contribute to men following criminal lifestyles,” she

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