Crime And Fear In Urban Crime

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Crime and fear in urban setting can be vividly seen to be increasing in all cities as it happens in many cities in various parts of the world and it is unavoidable and it is bound to happen in the big scale area where social activities can happen in every corner of the streets. Usually crime is always associated with the behaviour of deviance and delinquency, the feelings that surrounds these types of personalities is mostly fear. This essay will focus on trying to unfold why crime happens and why do people do this when they know it is wrong.
Firstly, the definition of Crime is that, it is a “harmful act or omission against the public which the State wishes to prevent and which, upon conviction, is punishable by fine, imprisonment, and/death” (Business Library, 2016). For example, if a person hurts someone, that at fault had committed a crime and most probably be punished resulting of going to jail, paying a fine or may perform community services. However, not all acts are considered to be legally criminal to certain extent where crime is also considered as a means of an emotional response to or an emotional state that results to from a slight indignity. Attitudes that also associated with crime are usually deviance where it is a behaviour that vividly contradicts the agreed values and norms that is set by the society. Delinquency is also falls into the category of crime as any morally wrong acts are most probably illegal or immoral behaviour that is mostly centralized

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