Crime And Poverty In The United States

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Crime, punishment and poverty is a complex issue and has become a central part of the social system. Pauvre a French word meaning poor is where the word poverty derived from (………………..). Moreover, having little means and materials to support self-defines poverty. According to Abraham Maslow hierarchy a person basic needs must be fulfilled if not criminal behavior may be motivated. An individual basic needs consist of food, water, shelter, and psychological necessities. Research reports an individual that lives in the United States who grosses less than $1.25-1.50 is called a poor, a person experiencing poverty. Therefore, the majority of the United States social problem is poverty that stimulates crime and punishment. Many crimes originate…show more content…
Poverty misfortune implements its self it two forms. One form of poverty is when an individual circumstance is beyond their control such as medical and mental health. The second form of poverty is death of loves ones who contributed to income, personal failing, and inadequacy. Additional sociological explanations of poverty may exist for individuals who beliefs, values, and behavior effect their ability to increase economically. Thus this essay will discuss race, poverty, crime, and punishment impact on citizens in the United States. The criminal sanctions and victimization employment in order to continue a social system has created massive disadvantages that perpetuates stratification and poverty. Punishment is widespread sentences families, peer groups, neighborhoods, and racial groups are impacted from punishment of individuals convicted of felonies. Statistics show a huge population differences. African Americans are incarcerated approximately seven times as often as whites. The economic deprivation in the United States is linked to the variation in criminal punishment. Consequently, collateral sanctions play an ever-larger role in racial and ethnic stratification, operating as an interconnected system of disadvantage as the number of felons and former felons

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