Crime And Public Order Crimes

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Public order crimes are acts considered illegal because they do not conform to society’s general ideas of normal social behavior and moral values (Siegel, 2000). Public order crimes are viewed as harmful to the public good or harmful and disruptive to a community’s daily life (Siegel, 2000). Some public order crimes are considered very serious, others are legal in some places and at sometimes and others are illegal at other times and in other places (Sage, n.d., p. 218). It is thought that allowing or ignoring public order offenses can only lead to more serious crimes it signals the community that nobody cares (Sage, n.d., p. 218). Public order crimes cause great debate. Some feel they are not really crimes at all, while others view morally…show more content…
Money laundering serves two purposes when it comes to terrorist activity. It conceals the illegal origin of the money and the illegal destination of the funds (Unger, 2013, p.21). Research has shown and experts agree the sale and trade of drugs is a sizeable financial contributor to terrorist organizations. For example, the Taliban profited from the trafficking of opium and taxing the drug in areas under its control. These funds were then used to support terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda (Unger, 2013, p.22). The link between money laundering and terrorist financing poses an additional challenge for law…show more content…
Public order crimes are often referred to as consensual crimes, victimless vice, crimes without victims or victimless crimes (Siegel, 2006). Crimes against public order are defined as crime which involves acts that interfere with the operations of society and the ability of people to function efficiently (Siegel, 2006). Public order crimes often trace their origin to moral crusaders who seek to shape the law toward their own way of thinking. Significant debate continues on how to reduce public order crimes such as illegal prostitution, illicit drugs, and money laundering. The drug problem today is very large and continues to grow more serious every year. An international enterprise has been organized for the production distribution of drugs heroin and cocaine in particular (Adler, Mueller, & Laufer, 2013, p. 364). Law enforcement and health agencies have made efforts to control the drug problem. These efforts stem in drug trafficking, treating addicts, educating the public, and arresting and incarcerating offenders (Adler, Mueller, & Laufer, 2013, p. 364). The strategies that focus on arresting prostitutes are unlikely to be effective. It is best to seek strategies that reduce the harms caused and experienced by prostitutes are more likely to work than those seeking to eliminate prostitution. Financial reporting laws have attempted to curb money laundering and our financial

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