Crime And Punishment In The Elizabethan Era Essay

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Crime and Punishment in the Elizabethan Era In the Elizabethan Era there was a lot of punishments for the crimes that people did. There were some punishments that people can live through, and there were some punishments that could lead people to death. During this time people just could not kill somebody and just go to prison, you will go down in painful and sometimes slow death. One out of the many punishments people can live through was the pillory. The pillory is a wooden farm work for heads and hands were people were exposed to public abuse. The pillory was set up to hold petty criminals by crossroads, market places, and ect. People were only held in the pillory for two hours at least. When there was a person in the pillory people can walk by and throw tomatoes, rotten food, mud, dead animals, and anything they basically want at the prisoner. Sometimes people will get very violent and throw bricks or pieces of metal and sometimes pieces of glass at the prisoner. (“Internet Shakespeare Editions”). Also, people did crimes were punishments and consequences lead to there death. There were several of crimes in the Elizabethan Era. Some crimes that people do that can lead…show more content…
If a person gets caught for treason it involves a way crueler punishment than just getting hung. For example the person’s head will get cut off because they were going against their government. In the Elizabethan Era people should not go against their government because the people find it very disrespectful. Also, there were way more grievous punishment than that. One of the most grievous punishments was when the “officers” hang the prisoner until they are half dead, then bring them down. Then when they are a quarter alive they will cut their members and bowels and and then throw it in fire. The only way a person will ever get this punishment is for murdering an innocent person. (“Crime and Punishment in the Elizabethan
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