Crime And Social Deviance In The James Bond Franchise

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The James Bond franchise is revered as one of the most iconic fictional pieces to date. I believe the franchise has been so successful over the last 60 years because it has the ability to immerse it’s audience with its distinctive brand. When people think of James Bond, they immediately highlight its themes of violence, hegemonic masculinity, and slew of troubled characters who involve themselves in organized crime to satisfy their greed.
The novel enlists its characters with distinct personality, eluding to several complex connections to crime and social deviance. The crime and deviance aspects of Goldfinger give a cohesion to the story. Never does James Bond fail to save the day. In the Bond novel “Goldfinger”, Ian Fleming elaborates a mission where Bond attempts to stop Auralic Goldfinger, from pulling off a 15 billion dollar …show more content…

Goldfinger is portrayed as the type of person who will do anything, just to get ahead. Goldfinger operates schemes ridden with crime and deviance throughout the novel. For example, during the first section of the novel James Bond is introduced to Auralic through Du Pont, his gambling partner. Du Pont suspects him of cheating. Bond is asked to find out whether Goldfinger is cheating or not, and unsurprisingly catches Goldfinger is caught in the act. Bond discovers an accomplice, Jill Masterton who’s spying on Du Pont’s cards. I find it humorous that Goldfinger attempts to justify not leaving his location due to his self-diagnosed agoraphobia, the fear of open spaces. In reality, his position helps him cheat Du Pont as they play cards. Goldfinger concedes and is forced to pay up for his wrongdoings. Goldfinger then asks Bond to play a game of Golf. Bond aware that Goldfinger is also known to cheat at Golf, outplays him and cheats the cheater at his own

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