Crime And Violence In Jamaica Literature Review

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This research will provide the reader with essential information and give a better appreciation of the study. The research will be looked at from a regional perspective and then narrowed down to Jamaica. The research will analyse the relationship between crime and violence and how it affects tourist arrivals, types of crime and violence against tourist and locals and strategies used to combat crime and violence. The rationale behind this study is to examine the effects of crime and violence and to find out if there is a corresponding increase of crime and violence in tourism and if it leads to a loss in tourist arrivals. The literature review will look at the causes of crime and violence against tourists and locals, crime fighting strategies, and crime and violence and its…show more content…
However, this being threatened by an increase of crime and violence.
The main types of crimes that affect tourists in Jamaica are property related acts committed against tourists at the destination which affects the tourism product and the ability to get tourists to visit a destination, than those crimes committed against local nationals. Tourism is quite sensitive to crime, thus the main crime is against hotels which tend to be theft. Some of these other crimes an violence against tourist are assault and harassment. Crime and violence do not just happen, there are rationale as to why a country encounter these acts. Cause of crime and violence in Jamaica are; drugs, gangs/politics, lack of community empowerment and economic deprivation. However, there are strategies being put in place to minimize crime and violence.

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Based on research done, high crime rate in the Jamaica has had a negative impact on tourism arrivals. It is also said that high crime rates in Jamaica are one major decision in which tourists think about before they make a decision to visit the destination. Visitor’s safety and

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