Crime Control Model Essay

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The Crime Control Model is a model of the criminal justice system that assumes freedom is so important that every effort must be made to repress the crime (Ortmeier, 2006). It emphasizes efficiency and the capacity to catch, try, high majorities of defenders, due to the high rate of crime and the limited resources of law enforcement speed and finality play a key role in this model.(Ortmeier, 2006) The crime control model is looked at by many as an assembly line where police and prosecutors decide from the beginning who is likely to be convicted, and if a person is unlikely to be convicted, person exits from system (Ortmeier, 2006). This allows for plea bargaining between the prosecutor and the accused to come into play. The Due process Model…show more content…
Another example is the Crime Control model is seen as an assembly line by many because it promotes efficiency which doesn’t allow for the defendant to have an opportunity to prove that he or she is not guilty like the due process model does. This brings me to my next distinction which is the major decision point. If a defendant was in the crime control model the major decision point most likely would’ve been made in a pretrial with a plea bargain, but if the defendant was to be in the due process model the major decision point would have been made in a courtroom and determined by a jury or impartial judge (Ortmeier, 2006). Overall I personally prefer and believe that the Due Process model should be embraced by society over the crime control model. I feel as if when using the crime control model the defendant is seen as just another case rather than a person which results in them not being given a chance to defend themselves. I agree with the Due Process Model because it assumes freedom is most important as well as forcing the state to provide conclusive evidence to prevent citizens from being wrongly convicted which seems to be a reoccurring epidemic these
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