Crime Control Theory

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Theories focus on the action of the crime and criminal behavior rather than criminal justice aspect. Crime control is the main focus on theories whereas, the justice sector is being ignoring since it involves asking the question “why?” to the crime control policies set forth as well as the organizations implementing these policies. Three principle concerns are set forth on the how we study the field of criminology and criminal justice. Theoretical research on the why behind criminal justice is underdeveloped and illegitimate. Unfortunately, criminal justice research has been considered non-educating since it does not meet the requirement of proposing a universal theory. Also, any theories found that involve the public sphere are deemed as being pointless and ideology. Need for different research and theoretical tactics in understanding the nature crime behaviors rather than crime control policies. Criminal justice theories and crime theories intersect creating essential to define crime. When examining criminal justice, pressure is placed on the justice system and inner workings of crime control policies. Key questions brought up by the author involve asking why we are only learning about crime theories…show more content…
Eventually, researchers will apprehend the basis for criminal justice theories due to the potential the studies can bring. Overall implications involve a better understanding of the justice system and it’s relation to crime. Before any steps can be made for this adaptation, infrastructure needs to be revised, the education process must be developed to allow for positivist tradition and consciousness transforming, and real world application to the theories. Concluding, we need to continue to study criminal behavior but how the justice system reacts tells a lot more on the future of

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