Crime Hotspot Analysis

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Abstract – A crime is act that violates a law which results in a punishment. Crime hotspot prediction is used to find areas on a map which have high crime intensity. The crime hotspot prediction uses the past data of crime which includes the area with crime rate and predict the future location with high crime intensity. It is required to raise people’s awareness regarding the dangerous location in certain time period. It can help for police resource allocation to create a safe environment. Here the survey of different types of data mining techniques presents for crime hotspot prediction.
Keywords – Data mining; crime hotspot; prediction; accuracy;
Crime is a well-known social problem that affecting the quality of life and the economic development of a society. Crime is classically unpredictable [4]. The occurrence of crime has been related to a variety of socio-economic and crime opportunity factors, such as population density, economic investment and arrest rate.
Crime usually has spatial and temporal characteristics related to the population, environment, economic factors, politics, and social events. One of the most effective temporal-spatial analysis for the understanding of the implicit relationships among
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The following approach is: The data used for this research was taken from a variety of city agencies. Each data contains the type of event, the location in longitude and latitude, and the time and date of the incident. This data was classified from different classification techniques. The area which have the crime rate above the predefined rate are positive or members of hotspot class and area with crime rate below the predefined rate are negative or non-members of hotspot class. Then this labelled data set will be used as the training set in SVM classification. The technique gives good results in most cases but it is computationally expensive so it runs
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