Pros And Cons Of Night Rape

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Unlike facts proved by science, crime is a socially constructed idea and its definition is unclear. The images of thieves or other criminals are not existing in the beginning but are developed as time passes. It makes crime like a daily life ’myth’ (Hillyard & Tombs, 2007). Also, the same kind of crime can be done under very different situations with contrasting reasons but often the crime is treated with same type of punishment under the criminal justice system. The standard form of response given by the system causes inefficiency in dealing with several acts which are all labelled with the name “crime” (Hillyard & Tombs, 2007).
Besides, many events causing serious harms to the individuals and society have been ignored or not been handled properly. Rape is a type of violent and safety crime as it is related to the personal safety of the janitors in an occupational environment, but the supports given in the existing data and laws are minimal under the term of crime (Hillyard & Tombs, 2007). Sexual assault, the issue mentioned in the night rape video, is one of the issues that is described to be “marginal” in crime laws, policies, enforcement of laws or even academic discussion. This creates disadvantages especially to the weak who are the majority in encountering such criminal acts and also causes multiple harms (Box, 1983,
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However, indeed, there are many problems of a wider context that are often ignored. Rape or other sexual abuse are not simply located in the sexuality aspect but also other problems which people are unaware of. Regarding the limitation of the vantage point of crime, the idea of social harm arises and the approach aims to redirect the focus from blaming the individual to the harms due to the current policies and what could be done to minimize future harms (Dorling et at,

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