Crime In Mumbai Case Study

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MIGRANT CREAT CRIME IN MUMBAI INTRODUCTION:- History of Mumbai recounts the growth of a collection of seven island on the west coast of India, Mumbai becoming the commercial capital of the nation, and also one of the most populous city in the world. However,migration is considered as a potential source of social disorder and crime. Several explanations have been provided on Indian context but none of these provided a sound analysis of the linkage between migration and crime. In India migration population is around 30 % of the total population. According to the census , the population of migration has not been come down over the decades, migration play an important role in the development of economy, on the other hand due to the heavy migration it will increase the…show more content…
It is from this belief that the personal coming from the different region face the problem of violence and how influence their behaviour. On a base reading on newspaper, and the current senario researcher wish to explore and understand. There exit very limited studies in the Indian context, which look the relationship between migrant and crime. Literature review:- Early studies In a recent historical study, Roger Lane in 1997 concluded that “the killing of one person in the modern world has been consider as mostly an irrationally impulsive crime, committed by young men, especially those who are poor and aimless young men energised by frustration and anger. The same could be said about other crimes. Because migration brings a frustration among number of young males might expect migrants to exhibit higher crime rates than the native population. In some cases,(Gurr 1989; Monkkonen 1989). Beyond the population issues, each of the theoretical perspectives discussed They usually settle in, high-crime, high-poverty disorganised communities
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