How Does Social Media Affect Relationships?

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Social media doesn’t affect just relationships, criminals comment, promote, and start crimes through social media. How to criminals function on social media exactly? Let’s say for instance that a 48 year old man poses and a 16 year old teenage girl. He would make friends with other teenage girls who think he is 16 years old. By doing this, the man would learn about people’s friends, houses, and lives. He would stalk them and learn about them until he obtained enough information to go rob their house or steel their credit card number. This can make teenagers feel insecure and uncomfortable every time they try to introduce themselves to a now person through social media. How many people are known criminals that use social media? According to…show more content…
What is voter participation? Voter participation is when people spread the word and vote about people who are running for president, mayor, or any other position of political status. According to, Facebook users reported that they are more likely to vote if they see it on social media, Social media is used more than anything to spread political awareness and social change, and it can help advertise events that help with political change. Using social media to spread political awareness is extremely beneficial because so many people are constantly on social media. How many people use social media to learn about voting? The website titled Social Media and Voting explains that 57% of the US population is eligible to vote and 22% of those voters use Facebook and social media to learn about voting. There are approximately 7 billion people in the world as of 2016. To find out how many people learn about voting through social media, we need to multiply (0.57 x 7,000,000,000) x 0.22. First, we multiply what is in the parentheses: 0.57 x 7,000,000,000 equals 3,990,000,000. Next, we multiply 3,990,000,000 by 0.22. The answer is 877,800,000. Out of the about 4 million people who use social media, 877.8 million people say that it informs them of upcoming political events and teaches them about voting. Politics is a very important part of everyone’s lives and it is great to be up to date on what is happening in the real world. Social media and voting are closely related and social media really help spread the word about politics. While social is beneficial to politicians, it can be used in a very negative way. Since social media is accessible by anyone, criminals can create a fake account because they are aiming to harm
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