Crime In The Bronx Essay

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South america is filled with over crowded streets. Slums are an over crowded area including the city and streets. There are very many drug problems in those slums because of the environment. Brazil is one of the top ten counties for cocaine usage. Bolivia now sits alongside the biggest consumers of illegal drug in the world. Bolivia also borders the world 's producers of cocaine. According to Bogotá 's Security Secretary Daniel criminal operations in the Bronx were worth between $1 million and $2 million per month. For these gangs to be able to operate freely despite a continuous state presence in Buenos Aires ' villas, there is strong collaboration between criminals security forces and politicians, Manjon told Insight Crime. A vast majority of…show more content…
Police would rarely venture into the Bronx and some who did were kidnapped or killed. Nevertheless the Bronx was able to thrive as a drug hub because the criminals who ran it had up to 50 police officers on their payroll judicial sources have said. Officers were allegedly paid to turn a blind eye to illicit activities warn criminal groups of imminent security operations and refrain from searching the Bronx 's regular clients. Police witnesses have even accused former police station commander Gerardo Rivera. Also known as Verde 14 of faking anti-narcotics operations and ordering agents to hide the extent of criminal activity in the Bronx.Although the Bronx drug hub may have been suppressed it continues to cause headaches for the local government. The Bronx is believed to have became Bogota 's main criminal hub following the destruction of a zone called Cartucho in the late 1990s during Peñalosa 's first term as mayor. And just as criminal activity simply shifted locations then there are signs that the same process is underway again. Just as the drug problem decrease a few days later they would in crease again and that happens over and over again. Rocinha is the largest hill favela in

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