Community Crime Analysis

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The activity of crime and too much fear of crime lowers the quality of life for the residents of Nkomazi Local Municipality, especially the elderly and those living in poorer sections or rural areas, harmed by crime such as arson, rape, murder and vandalism etc. Crime is now costing the communities of Nkomazi a huge amount of Rands every year in insurance agency payouts, police courts, correctional expenses, and the restructuring of buildings and facilities brought about by crime such as theft, robbery, arson related crime and vandalism. The prisons are flooding with offenders and backlogs plague the courts. In extreme economic times of our country, however, lest say it’s enough and time to stop spending more cash on the courts, while Furthermore,…show more content…
Based on crime type analysis such as burglaries, an informed decision can be to use the target hardening method which includes car steering column locks and deadlocks on residence doors. Other measure could be to form a community police forum or blocking off the walkways and controlling access to residences and that would be just as effective and much less expensive compared to replacing stolen or vandalized goods and object almost everytime. Community crime awareness education and well identified areas that seek rehabilitation centers or recreational facilities can be also a measure considered if based on a crime analysis shows that young people are the ones committing the majority of the…show more content…
A report has to be made to present to the community comparing the previous cases with current cases. For example, if the Department of Education have built a school in an area where children used to walk a long distance to get to school and crimes such as child abduction occurred, then currently after a year there are no cases reported about child abduction, and that is a positive feedback. Areas that have been faced with armed robberies and the police went on an operation to search for illegal firearms around those areas, and after a period of 6 months there have been no armed robberies reported. Actually on this step there is an evaluation of the crime fighting programs before proceeding with another programs if there is a need to improve or begin again from searching for other local crime problems in the

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