Crime In The Philippines Essay

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Ranada (2016) stated that the number of reported crimes has been rising, while the ability of the police to solve crimes has decreased. A crime is a social ill that needs to be stamped out in order to attain peace and order in our country. The PNP however said that the spike in statistics did not necessarily portray a worsening peace and order situation. One reason for it could be the underreporting of local police units in their area. Also, some of the police are bribed by the wealthy families for them to be safe in the hands of the law. Moreover, they have limited sources and ideas in unraveling the answer to the crimes we have thus causing them hardships. According to the police (1991) widespread poverty, population pressures, shortage of land and jobs in rural, financial complication, widespread possession of firearms and undisciplined private armies were the country’s chronic crime problems. Due to widespread poverty they will think a way of how they will survive in order to live. Also a factor that affects the dispersion of crime is financial complication. The people don’t have a choice in committing a crime because sometimes there is a need for them to survive in their state of living. Furthermore, these reflect to our country to have a lack of unity and responsibility present in their lives. Sison (2008) stated that crimes committed…show more content…
Thus, it also brings discouragements for new businesses that want to open in a certain area in fear of being robbed. The crime rate in the Philippines make the people bother about going around the city. The fear in some Filipinos will always be in their minds resulting for a need of time to lessen this fear in their life. The fear of crime in the society brings damage in Filipino’s
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