Crime Interpolation Method

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GIS Based Crime Hotspot Mapping And Analysis Using
Interpolation Method

Surya U,

Master of Engineering,

Department of Computer science and Engineering,

Avinashilingam University,Coimbatore-641108.

Phone.No:9500701371, E

Abstract--- Crime is the major activity which is uniform in all aspects. One of the major actions that have to be performed by crime investigation department are mitigation hot spot of locations where the number of crimes are happening more.In this paper Radial Basis Function (RBF) is introduced which predict values that can vary above the maximum or below the minimum of the measured values and triangulation with linear interpolation method to provide a flexible structure that can
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The rate of crime events is increasing in all developing countries due to transform of capability and majestic lifestyle and also due to poor socio, political, and environmental conditions. Police departments taking an preliminary action for safeguarding the citizen’s and to extenuate the hotspot locations .It has long been common practice for the police to identify locations and times that are more prone to criminal activity.In order to reduce the crime activitiy and the hotspot location ,crime prohibiting method should be taken . Crime prevention can be signified as a set of ideas including all the activities taken by both…show more content…
GIS functions combined with capabilities of location identification devices such as GPS ,facilitate tracking the movement of high risk inmates or at risk personnel throughout an area .GPS device is more cost effective for crime analsiis to come up with the information for patrol officers to do themselves.

To implement the Hotspot detection the methobology shown in the figure 3.1 followed .It consists of six steps for detecting the crime hotspots .Dataset collection is the basic steps for implementation .In the second step the latitude and longitudinal values of the area fed in to the excel file .In the third step files are transformed to the GIS environment and the data are digitized and crimes are analysed and mapped using interpolation
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