Crime Is Socially Constructed Analysis

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The main objective of the paper is to critically discuss the aspect that crime is socially constructed. The paper will discuss the arguments and aspects in favour of the topic.

Discussion One of the fundamental perspective that social reality is constructed through social practices, that is, through the action of people. Hence the presentation of the legal system as a social practice is considered that the knowledge is through understanding (Polizzi, 2015). The twentieth century was characterised by the redefinition of the concepts crime and criminal. The definitions of these terms evolved and left behind pathological and natural explanations positivist school of thought generated during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
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Nonetheless it is imperative while examining crime to consider various issues which bring up a few significant issues with respect to the way crime is seen in the society. Investigating inquiries, for example, who makes the tenets of society (laws) and why, is imperative as any response to this inquiry is supported by examination on social power, political power, class distinction and the way crime is socially constructed. Social standards and values fluctuate fundamentally crosswise over diverse societies, religions and social orders. Despite the fact that it can be said that when these social norms are upset, the "breaking" of social "principles" can be unlawful, in which case it turns into a demonstration of crime, it is likewise essential to separate in the middle of crime and deviance which both incorporate the violation of social standards (Akçomak and ter Weel,…show more content…
The differential association theory explains that so-called criminals learn the skills and attitudes necessary for their "job" of others who have already mastered them. According to this theory, the groups teach techniques, motivations, attitudes and rationalisations, like "definitions" that may or may not be favourable to the violation of law (Wright, Millar, 2006). "The theory of differential association therefore says that a person becomes delinquent when definitions favourable to violation of law prevail over the worst." Explains Massimo Pavarini (2003, page 120 and 121) in his book Control and Domination . Joining this thought to Merton; Can it be inferred that if the illegal conditions are more favourable than the legal order to achieve the social, the individual will be using illegal? (Marzbali et al.,

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